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Dr. Amy Beard was never satisfied with the current healthcare model in which most people have to participate today. Studying nutrition and becoming a Registered Dietitian prior to achieving her Doctorate in Medicine allowed her to see things differently than most students while in medical school. Almost everything she was taught was based on pharmaceuticals, not nutrition. It was about reacting to and treating a symptom, not investigating the root cause of a condition. At H2MD we are patient-centered, not disease-centered.  We use a Functional Medicince approach to look for the root cause(s) of a patient’s health issues instead of just treating the symptoms.  A Functional Medicine approach works for everything from weight loss to autoimmune diseases.

As one of only 10 MD/Dietitian/Functional Medicine experts in the country she is uniquely qualified to help her patients get the help they need. Performance athletes, patients with chronic conditions, and frustrated weight loss patients seek out her unique gift for unlocking their health potential. In addition to her impressive academic achievements she is also a competitive athlete. Dr. Beard owns H2MD Functional Medicine and Weight Loss Centers and is an advocate for changing western medicine to a model that works in today’s world for today’s health issues.

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Weight Loss

Our goal is removing all medical and mental barriers preventing you from achieving your goals and create a truly customized weight loss program.

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Functional Medicine

In addressing the underlying causes of disease through consultation, Functional Medicine embraces the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

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Every Weight Loss Patient is Unique

This uniqueness requires personal and customized weight loss plans and a team of experts to administer them. Our goal is to remove all medical and mental barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals and to create a truly customized weight loss program.

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