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Weight Loss Programs, HCG Weight Loss, and Nutrition Optimization is now online and available from anywhere!

At H2MD we start with the ROOT cause(s) of your weight loss problems to create unique and comprehensive weight loss solutions.

Weight gain is a symptom.

Weight gain and the inability to lose weight is a symptom of a body that is not functioning properly.  There are many factors that cause a body to work inefficiently:

  • Excessive inflammation and an out-of-control immune system
  • A poorly functioning GI system with resulting nutrient deficiencies
  • An overburdened adrenal system and excessive cortisol production
  • Suboptimal thyroid function
  • Imbalances of sex hormones—estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, progesterone
  • Inefficient detoxification processes and excessive toxin burden

Only when the things listed above are addressed will you be successful at losing weight and keeping it off.  Research shows that 95% of weight loss patients gain back all of their weight.  The reason?  These patients did not have the root cause(s) of their weight gain addressed—gut health, hormones, adrenal and thyroid function, toxic burden, and inflammation.

This is why ALL new patients meet (meeting an online virtual visit via ZOOM) with one of our Functional Medicine weight loss experts to uncover the root causes behind their weight issues.  This meeting is a crucial step in determining the appropriate path towards your weight loss goals.  For most, this meeting is an eye opening experience as it exposes overlooked contributors to weight gain and other chronic symptoms.  This meeting is covered by most major insurance providers.

Our Functional Medicine weight loss experts also have access to numerous specialty lab panels that go far beyond the standard labs used by most health practitioners.  These specialty labs provide a wealth of information regarding the root causes of your weight issues and health problems.  Examples of what information these lab panels can provide include:

  • Nutrient status—vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids
  • Gut health—enzyme deficiencies, micro biome diversity, presence of candida overgrowth and small intestinal overgrowth (SIBO), short chain fatty acid levels, levels of inflammation, and presence of parasites
  • Thyroid function—comprehensive panels used, including antibody levels
  • Adrenal function—cortisol and DHEA levels
  • Mold exposure—mycotoxin testing
  • Detoxification abilities and heavy metal toxicities
  • Genetic mutations
  • Sex hormone levels and metabolism
  • And many more…

(**Most of the specialty lab panels are covered by insurance.  Copays may apply. )

The Process:

  1. Complete our extensive on-line medical questionnaire. This is an important first step in formulating your unique health timeline that is used to help determine the appropriate course of action.
  2. Upon completion and return of the questionnaire you will be scheduled for an online virtual appointment with one of our Functional Medicine weight loss experts. We do not schedule patients until the questionnaire is completed.  It’s that important.
  3. During your initial visit the questionnaire and timeline will be evaluated and discussed, weight loss goals and struggles discussed, a focused physical exam will be performed, and any labs, if deemed necessary, will be ordered. The appropriate weight loss program (HCG Plus, the Foundation Diet, or other program) will be jointly determined.  Other therapies and treatments may be recommended and started depending on your unique medical needs.
  4. Follow up visits with our Functional Medicine practitioners are usually made for those patients needing more intense guidance and monitoring as well as to review lab results. The amount of follow up, if any, will vary depending on the complexity of your issues.
  5. Now that you have started to address your root causes of your weight gain you can begin your recommended weight loss program!

**Visits with our Functional Medicine practitioners are NOT covered by insurance providers.

**Visits with our RD Health Coaches are included in the price of the HCG program.

No one does weight loss better than H2MD!

HCG Plus
The HCG Plus program can be done as a stand-alone program. The HCG diet is designed for rapid weight loss without negatively impacting a patient’s metabolic rate. The best results are achieved if the Foundation Diet is completed prior to starting the HCG diet.

The program includes the following:

  • Intensive nutrient supplementation- a must for low calorie diets
  • Adrenal and thyroid support supplementation and teas
  • GI support via probiotics and our proprietary fiber blend
  • Two sessions with one of our Registered Dietician Health Coaches who will explain the process, provide support, and help create your personal maintenance and long-term meal and lifestyle plan
Foundation Diet
The Foundation Diet is the place to start for not only weight loss patients but also anyone suffering from problems such as chronic pain, IBS, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, headaches, chronic skin rashes, allergies, sleep disturbances, and fatigue.

This 30-day program is designed to:

  • Repair and improve GI health and function
  • Improve thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone function
  • Improve detoxification processes of the liver, GI tract, and adipose tissues
  • Determine the presence of any food intolerances/allergies using an Elimination diet
  • Decrease inflammation levels

The program includes a daily nutrient-dense medical meal replacement, specially formulated weight loss supplementation, adrenal and GI support teas, pre-and probiotics, detoxification support supplementation, and a proprietary blend of fibers that help produce vital short chain fatty acids.   Also included is a membership to our on-line support program, Bodysite.  The Bodysite program provides daily easy to follow instructions for every step of the Foundation Diet

Questions and Answers

  1.  Is the appointment covered by insurance? Online virtual visits with our Functional Medicine practitioners are NOT covered.
  2. Are labs covered by insurance? The initial weight loss lab panel is covered by all major insurance providers, including Medicare and Tricare. There is a $0-$73 copay for this special lab panel, depending on your deductible.  Any additional labs that may be ordered will utilize traditional lab processes and any fees depend on your specific insurance plan (80/20 copay, fully covered, etc.). Please check with your insurance provider regarding lab coverage
  3. What if I don’t have insurance or I have a catastrophic insurance plan? The initial visit is $350.  Follow up visits are $150/30 min.   We utilize cash fee pricing for labs
  4. What medical problems can be treated with the Foundation Diet? Many conditions and symptoms can be completely alleviated or greatly improved with the Foundation Diet.  The Foundation Diet is a protocol that addresses GI and detoxification dysfunction that are often at the root causes of chronic disease.  These conditions and symptoms include:  chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, joint pain, hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases, eczema, psoriasis, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, fatty liver, insomnia/poor sleep, IBS/IBD, dyslipidemia, menstrual irregularities, headaches, and menopausal syndrome.
  5. Why do you address GI function? Many of our health problems have their root causes in a dysfunctional GI tract.  This dysfunction can cause poor digestion, malabsorption, increased inflammation, and decreased detoxification.  This can then lead to nutrient deficiencies, systemic inflammation, weight gain, autoimmunity, neurotransmitter and hormonal imbalances, allergies, mood disorders, and many other symptoms and syndromes.  GI symptoms, like constipation, diarrhea, reflux, and bloating, are not always present when there is GI dysfunction (but these symptoms are commonly present to some degree).  Until your GI tract is functioning properly, other functions of your body will also be dysfunctional.
  6. Why do you offer a medical grade detox prior to starting HCG? The original HCG diet incorporated a detox phase.  This phase is very important to prevent weight loss plateaus from occurring during the HCG diet.  Toxins are lipophilic (“fat loving”) and are stored in fat cells.  As your body begins breaking down fat stores for energy, those fat cells also release toxins into the bloodstream.  This can cause hormonal disruption and cessation of fat utilization for an energy source.  Detoxing before beginning the HCG diet helps prevent these toxin releases and resulting plateaus.  We are the only center in the state that offers a medical detox.
  7. What is HCG? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone naturally produced in large quantity during pregnancy. HCG is currently FDA-approved as a prescription drug to treat some cases of infertility and some select male hormone imbalances in the U.S. Small, regular doses of HCG causes the body to release fat when used in conjunction with a specific low calorie diet developed by Dr. Simeons.
  8. Will HCG harm my metabolism? No!  That is the beauty of HCG.  It promotes the utilization of fat as energy and not valuable muscle tissue.  In fact, most patients experience an increase in metabolic rate due to the beneficial effects weight loss and HCG have on thyroid, adrenal, and GI function
  9. Will I get hungry on HCG? HCG does a great job at maintaining satiety.  When and if satiety issues arise, we utilize a few “tried and true” treatments to increase satiety while addressing any non-compliance issues that occurred either knowingly or unknowingly.
  10. Can I do HCG if I take medications? Usually, yes. However, we must use caution with patients who take blood pressure and diabetes medications.  These medications must often be adjusted during the HCG diet since blood pressure and glucose levels tend to decrease and/or normalize.  Your medication list will be reviewed and any possible issues with your medications will be discussed prior to starting the HCG diet.
  11. How much weight will I lose? Most patients lose 18-23 pounds during a 21- day course of HCG. Weight loss also occurs during the Foundation Diet, too, but varies greatly depending on the amount of GI and detoxification dysfunction.  It is not uncommon for patients to lose 10-15 pounds upon completing the Foundation Diet.
  12. What if I have a LOT of weight to lose? Patients can do multiple courses of HCG.  These courses must be done in an appropriate fashion that is consistent with HCG diet guidelines.   It is possible for a patient who needs to lose a significant amount of weight to complete 5-6 courses of HCG in one year.
  13. What kinds of food will I eat? The HCG diet is much more unforgiving than the Foundation Diet. The HCG diet does not allow any fats or oils, and is very limiting of simple sugars and carbohydrates.  You will be eating a lot of vegetables and lean proteins (which are good for you!).
  14. Will I gain the weight back? Maintenance of weight loss is highly dependent upon your diet, activity, and lifestyle choices after completion of HCG. We’ve noticed that those who gain back all or most of their weight have not addressed the root causes of their weight issues.  The majority of these patients only did the HCG diet without completing the Foundation Diet and educational component that occurs during consultations with our FM practitioners.  Many patients have underlying thyroid, adrenal, and GI dysfunction that cannot be addressed by the HCG diet alone.  And, some just “fall of the wagon”.  It happens.
  15. How long is the HCG diet? A typical round of HCG is 23 days with a maximum of 40 days.
  16. How long is the Foundation Diet? 30 days.  The Foundation Diet includes a 20-day GI protocol and a 10-day detox protocol.  We also incorporate an Elimination Diet over the total 30 days to evaluate for any food intolerances/allergies.
  17. How often will I come in for a visit? If you choose to do only HCG you will meet with one of our dietitians/health coaches two times. Once at the beginning of the diet and again after completion, before going into the maintenance phase. All patients meet with one of our FM practitioners at least once.  Additional visits with our practitioners depend on your unique medical needs and the need for monitoring should any problems arise.
  18. Do I have to exercise? Exercise is recommended to the majority of our patients not facing physical impairments/adrenal fatigue. During the HCG protocol exercise should be limited to activity your body is familiar to doing on a regular basis; nothing new.
  19. Will I experience side effects? It is normal to have side effects during the Foundation diet such as headache, dizziness, fatigue, rash or acne breakout, irritability, and flu like symptoms. This is for a short duration due to toxin release, withdrawal symptoms, or bacteria/yeast die-off. Side effects on HCG that may occur but are not common include constipation, muscle weakness/cramps, headache, sore throat, dry skin/lips or irregular menstruation.
  20. Is HCG safe? This is the same hormone produced naturally in a pregnant woman’s body and frequently used to treat infertility with both men and women. Thousands of clients have used this protocol with great weight loss success and significant improvement in overall health.
  21. Which is more effective, HCG injections or HCG drops? HCG injections have been known to be more effective at entering into the bloodstream although from our experience, the same amount of weight loss has been achieved from both.
  22. Would I have to give myself the injection? Yes, if choosing to do injections you would be responsible for mixing the solution and injecting into 0.2ml HCG into subcutaneous tissue 1x/day. Don’t worry, its easy and painless!
  23. Can anyone do HCG? Few patients have certain conditions that we would deem a bad “fit” for the protocol including, but not limited to, active cancer and conditions that are worsened by pregnancy when HCG is naturally high in a woman’s body. It is rare for someone to not be a good fit whether you’re trying to lose 100lbs or 10lbs.
  24. Can I travel while doing HCG? Yes, although it is more difficult. Many patients have found ways of carrying their HCG on airlines while keeping in mind it has to be kept refrigerated at all times.